New Hope Manor

Intensive Residence      Ph.:  845-557-8353  Fax:  845-557-8884

Community Residence Ph.: 845-452-2870   Fax: 845-471-8061

Our Services:

  • Individualized treatment planning:
    • Cognitive, motivational, research based treatment with a focus on changing thinking, feelings, and habits.
    • A 24-hour staff supervised non-confrontational environment with a home-like atmosphere.
    • Healthy meals.
    • Intensive therapy with a focus on the whole person (emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual).
  • Coordination of Health Care Services, including physical and mental-health.
  • Case Management to community resources based upon the needs of each individual.
  • Pregnant women are accepted into treatment.
  • Parenting women with women under the age of 3 can bring their children into the program with them.  Children will access day-care in the local community.

Our Poughkeepsie, NY (Dutchess County) residence for reintegration offers women, pregnant women, and women with infants and toddlers a variable length stay program.  Women participate in work, volunteer services, outpatient programs, and other activities in the local community.