New Hope Manor

Intensive Residence      Ph.:  845-557-8353  Fax:  845-557-8884

Community Residence Ph.: 845-452-2870   Fax: 845-471-8061

In the summer months, take a swim during recreation in our in-ground pool.

Our Barryville, NY (Sullivan County) residence offers women, pregnant women, and women with infants and toddlers a variable length stay designed to meet the unique needs of each individual in search of rehabilitation services.  

Our beautiful facility is located in the peaceful mountains of Sullivan County, NY.

Our Services:

  • Individualized counseling and treatment planning:
    • Cognitive, motivational, research based treatment with a focus on changing thinking, feelings, and habits.
    • Staff led groups and educational seminars.
    • 24-hour staff supervised non-confrontational environment with a home-like atmosphere and healthy meals and snacks.
    • Intensive therapy with a focus on the whole person (emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual).
  • Therapeutic groups.
  • Mental-health counseling.
  • Medical case management with on-site medical staff.
  • Family therapy.
  • Mother-Infant program for parenting and pregnant women entering treatment.
  • Licensed Children's Resource Room.
  • Individual and group vocational counseling.
  • Vocational training including opportunities to prepare for TASC, Recovery Peer Advocate.
  • Spiritual Development with transportation provided to local paces or worship and optional groups in faith and values.
  • Assistance in accessing resources:
    • Individual meeting with a social service representation to fill our applications for food stamps, public assistance, social security, etc.
    • Cooperation in obtaining appropriate legal representation from private attorneys or legal aide, transportation to court appearances and assistance in responding to subpoenas and warrants.
  • Opportunities to develop healthy hobbies and participate in recreation including an on-site wellness room.

Healthy meals and snacks are served home-style in on sunny and inviting dining room.