New Hope Manor

Intensive Residence      Ph.:  845-557-8353  Fax:  845-557-8884

Community Residence Ph.: 845-452-2870   Fax: 845-471-8061

1. All client's must have health insurance (if you don't currently have coverage, please apply for Medicaid at your home county Department of Social Services.  This will cover your medical expenses (Emergencies, Doctor's Appointments, & Medications).

2.  Housing is paid for through Temporary Assistance, SSI, SSD, or Sliding Scale.  Please use the DSS Request Form link to print a form to bring to your appointment at the Department of Social Services so the caseworker will know what benefits you need.

3. If you are actively using, you may need detox services first or you may qualify for our Stabilization element.  Please call us for more information.

4.  If you are currently in treatment, or have separated from treatment within the last few months, please ask that agency to fax your treatment records to (845)557-3541.

Everyone is different, if you need any assistance please contact us at 845-557-8353 ext. 310.

Step-by-Step Procedure for Potential Admission